Kevin Fraser Lighting Design

Kevin Fraser Lighting Design
Disney’s Little Mermaid, Drayton Entertainment 2018
“Set designer David Boechler keeps it simple but is able to create the feeling of being underwater, with the help of brilliant lighting designer Kevin Fraser."

Valerie Hill, The Record

Evita, Grand Theatre 2017
“The minimalist set (David Boechler) and dark, focused lighting (Kevin Fraser) beautifully support and enhance the entire experience for the audience."

Joe Belanger, London Free Press

Sister Act, Drayton Entertainment 2016
"Kevin Fraser's lighting design is flawless…"

Joe Belanger, London Free Press

Great Expectations, Neptune Theatre 2015
“An exquisite, magical design in Kevin Fraser’s lights and Ben Chaisson’s projections creates all sorts of settings, from creepy, night skies on the marshes to the blacksmith’s cozy hearth"

Elissa Barnard, Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Carousel, Stratford Festival 2015
"Kevin Fraser's lighting is marvelously creative..."

S. James Wegg,

Pericles, Stratford Festival 2015
“Lighting by Kevin Fraser and sound by Verne Good are also used to great effect. There is a moment where several small tables and stools are quickly turned into a crackling fire. This is done so effectively that I could almost feel the warmth."

Lauren Glenow,

Anne of Green Gables, Drayton Entertainment 2015
“… Kevin Fraser’s lighting design compliments the bright and breezy mood of the production."”

Les Miserables, Dunfield Theatre Cambridge 2014
"Kevin Fraser's appropriately murky lighting design is quite beautiful and enhances the mood."

Into The Woods, Neptune Theatre Halifax 2014
“…an enchanted, frightening wood that lighting designer Kevin Fraser plays on in variations from deep night blues to an angry crimson in the trees."

Elissa Barnard, Halifax Chronicle-Herald

King John, Stratford Festival 2014
"Kevin Fraser's lighting darkens over the house oh-so-subtly as the play progresses, paralleling a shift into evening, or possibly matching the dark turn the play takes..."

Stuart Munro and Dave Ross, The Charlebois Post-Canada

Footloose, St Jacob’s Country Playhouse 2014
“…seamlessly transforms from a church to a gas station to a country bar, all enhanced by Kevin Fraser’s excellent lighting."

Valerie Hill, Waterloo Region Record

Legally Blonde, St Jacob’s Country Playhouse 2014
“…the effervescent spirit of the production, which is further complimented by the candy-kissed lighting design by Kevin Fraser"

Shakespeare's Will, Merrimack Rep 2013
"Kevin Fraser's lighting design is most effective in setting the mood, the weather or the time of day... the lighting effect is incredibly evocative."

Nancy Grossman,

Mary Poppins, Drayton Entertainment 2013
"The lighting design by Kevin Fraser highlights the light and frothy elements of this production, but also captures the dab of social commentary"

"The production is beautifully designed...Kevin Fraser's lighting is excellent in establishing mood..."

Christopher Hoile,

Sweeney Todd, Neptune Theatre 2012
"...Kevin Fraser's lighting design, key to creating the gloom with dramatic chiaroscuro effects..."

Elissa Barnard, Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Richard III, Stratford Festival 2011
"The lighting and use of shadows by lighting designer Kevin Fraser, especially early on to highlight Richard's deformities and to mimic light coming through a window in the Tower of London were beautiful yet eerie."

Laura Cudworth, Stratford Beacon-Herald

Shakespeare's Will, Stratford Festival 2011
"Kevin Fraser did spectacular things with his lighting design, creating perhaps the most noteworthy thing about the production with his beautiful colours and shapes..."

Kelly Bedard,

Peter Pan, Stratford Festival 2010
"Kevin Fraser's lighting is obliged to be subtle, trying to avoid flying wires and other bits of theatrical trickery, but it leads him into a more painterly style of presentation, with moments such as Peter's arrival at Neverland, or the first sight of Hook's Jolly Roger, that will take your breath away."

Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

Acis and Galatea, Opera Atelier 2010
"The lighting, by Kevin Fraser, made the set shimmer with the magic of the piece. The effect...created for the pivotal scene near the end of the opera was stunning."

Brian Hay,

West Side Story, Stratford Festival 2009
"And Kevin Fraser, the lord of lighting, once again knows how to turn illumination into art..."

Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

"Kevin Fraser’s lighting design is superb: it bathes the stage in warm colour washes, using its palette for simple or expressionistic effects, making tints and accents vividly theatrical. "

Keith Garebian,

Iphigénie en Tauride, Opera Atelier 2009
"The lighting designs of Kevin Fraser worked with the set to give the production atmospheric depth that was brilliant. The transitions between scenes were seamless."

Brian Hay,

Cabaret, Stratford Festival 2008
"Kevin Fraser delivers probably the most daring lighting in his distinguished career, splashing the stage with lurid colours and illuminating people from unlikely angles..."

Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

To Kill A Mockingbird, Stratford Festival 2007
"...but then, under Kevin Fraser's subdued lighting and deep shadows, it takes on a haunting aura that fits a coming-of-age story tinged with hatred and horror."

Michael Lasser, Rochester City Newspaper

Dido and Aeneas, Opera Atelier 2005
"... spectacularly effective lighting by Kevin Fraser."

John Terauds, Toronto Star

Henry VIII, Stratford Festival 2004
"...Kevin Fraser's dappled and atmospheric lighting is wonderfully effective."

Robert Crew, Toronto Star

All's Well That Ends Well, Stratford Festival 50th anniversary production 2002
"Kevin Fraser's lighting casts the production in muted shades of autumn- again perfect."

Robert Reid, Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Man of LaMancha, Stratford Festival 1998
" by Kevin Fraser, looks nothing less than wonderful. A torch-lit Inquisition dungeon... gives clever way to scenes along Don Quixote's journey: a road, an inn, a courtyard, his reluctant home. It is a visual tour de force."

Janice Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen

Thirteen Hands, National Arts Centre 1997
"...a visual symphony that drops the magic of Kevin Fraser's lighting onto the platforms and full moon backdrop of Sue LepPage's brilliantly simple set. Particularly noteworthy is the pair's achievement for the lovely final scene... which is nothing less than a hymn to beauty, delicate and powerful all at once."

Janice Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen

Peter Grimes, Vancouver Opera 1995
"Kevin Fraser's lighting... is an atmospheric triumph, from ominous, orange-tinged clouds scudding across a mackerel sky, to the serenity of a night scene where the planks of the quay shine like bleached bones in moonlight."

Louise Whitney, The Courier